Suggest to your customers to consult your card and order via their smartphone.

Our innovative solution naturally promotes social distancing and avoids traditional card contact.

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How does it work?

By saving time, ProxyMenu reduces the impact of the pandemic on its business results.

Social distancing and reduced contact should not affect the experience you offer your customers.

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1. Consultation

Your customers sit down as normal and immediately consult your card via their smartphone.

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2. Command

They validate and place their order directly. You will be notified within a second.

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3. Payment

As an option, your customers can pay for their order via our solution, again avoiding unnecessary contacts.

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The mission of ProxyMenu?

We help bar and restaurant owners to improve their profitability.

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ProxyMenu limit the risk of contamination for customers who no longer have to handle menus and reduce exposure for customers and staff.

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Time saving

ProxyMenu speeds up the flow of the service process and virtually increases the capacity of your site.

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Making money

ProxyMenu increases your average turnover through ease of ordering without overloading your staff. Significantly reduces the need for manpower.

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Offer 2.0

Offer your customers a new intuitive and universal digital experience.

To help restaurateurs but also :

Bars, breweries, food-trucks, bakeries, butcher shops, etc.

In fact, any business suffering from lost customers or the inconvenience of queuing can benefit from this system.

How is thisinnovative ? Proxymenu's wifi terminal transforms any mobile into a new form of universal remote control for instant order taking in an establishment.

  • No installation

    No application's download is required and a 4G data connection may not be necessary.

  • Without physical contact

    Each customer uses their own phone to place an order, so there is no need to own and maintain any media.

  • No more waiting

    Customers no longer need to wait for the waiter to place an order. They can do so directly from their smartphone.


Everyone knows how to use a QR code or connect to a wifi network, so everyone can use ProxyMenu!

Our platform works on all media, regardless of their make, model or age

ProxyMenu also works on tablets and laptops!

  • Welcome

    When your customer enters your establishment, signs or screens invite him to connect to ProxyMenu's platform.

  • Order at

    Once logged in, the menu is automatically displayed, inviting your customer to view your price list and place an order.Une fois connecté, le menu s’affiche automatiquement, invitant ainsi votre client à consulter your card et passer commande.


Our pricing is based on seating capacity.

Our prices are exclusive of VAT.

These formulas are indicative and will be subject to a prior analysis by our team and will be adapted to your establishment.

Number of seats :20


Maximum 30 seats
5 simultaneous connections
1 x Printer
60 per month
Configuration € 399


Maximum 60 seats
10 simultaneous connections
2 x Printers
1 x Tablet
80 per month
Configuration € 599


Maximum 250 seats
25 simultaneous connections
3 x Printers
2 x Shelves
Online payment
100 per month
Configuration € 999
Véronique V. ProxyMenu has been a great help in getting my business back on track during a very difficult period. I hardly had to change my habits.